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Industrial Product

Roti Making Process for Industrial & Institutional Supply

Supply to factories, hospitals, schools, collages canteen, temples, mega kitchens.

All the ingredients in right proportion are collected in mixer without hand touch. Mixer completes batch of 25kg dough kneading in less than 15 minutes. Another machine makes dough balls of 30g which are then loaded to roti making machine manually.

Further Process

For On-site Preparation
Roties are automatically baked on one side on a circular-rotating pan, in our factory. These semi-cooked roties are then hygienically transported customers premises. These roties are then finally baked on both sides on a pans for 30 seconds each side.

For Ready-to-Eat Roties Delivery
Roties are automatically baked on both sides on a circular-rotating pan. Installed Capacity : 8400 Roties per day. Scalable Capacity : 50000 Roties per day.

Roties Specifications

For Canteens
Roties diameter - 4" or 6" (roasted)
Roties weight - 30gms after roasting

Directions to Use

Roties are ready to eat

Consumer Packing

For On-site Preparation
Onsite deliveries are made in big insulated roti casserole containing 100 roties each.

For Ready-to-Eat Roties Delivery
Set of 100 roties are packed in food grade polythene bag
Approx. weight of 1 bag is 3 Kg.
Set of 7 bags are packed in 1 corrugated 4 ply carton.
Total roties in 1 carton is 700.
Approx. weight of 1 carton is 25 kgs