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Retail Product

Roti Making Process

All the ingredients in right proportion are collected in mixer without hand touch.Mixer completes batch of 25 kg dough kneading in less than 15 minutes.Another machine makes dough balls of 30g which are then loaded to roti making machine manually.

Retail Supply

Supply to retail stores, kirana stores, early morning delivery be your milk-man.

Further Process

Roties are automatically baked on one side only on a circular-rotating pan.
No human intervention.
No hand touch.

Roties Specifications

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Eat Roties)
Roties diameter - 185mm (roasted)
Roties weight - 37gms after roasting (minimum)

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Cook Roties)
Roties diameter - 195mm (frozen)
Roties weight - 43gms frozen (minimum)

Directions to Use

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Eat Roties)
METHOD 1: Using Stove & Pan:
Place a flat pan on the stove. Heat a roti on the pan for about 15 seconds each side.
METHOD 2: Using Oven:
Wrap a roti in foil and place in a pre-heated oven at 180oC / 350 F / Gas mark 2 for 4 minutes.

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Cook Roties)
Cut open the pack along seal line using pair of scissors
Remove entire bunch of Roties out from plastic bag and defrost them. At ambient temp of 30 - 40 deg C it takes 10-15 minutes to defrost required roties completely. Use Non stick pan for roties roasting. If it is other than non stick pan, apply little dry wheat flour on both surfaces of each roties before it is placed on pan for roasting. You can roast roties on both sides on pan itself or one side on pan and other on flame as per your preference. Ensure that roasted roties is stored in air tight container / plastic bag so that it remains soft and fresh at least for 10 hours.

Consumer Packing

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Eat Roties)
10 roties in food grade polythene bag size - 250mm x 300mm
Weight of pack: 450 gms (Max)

For Retail Supply (Ready-to-Cook Roties)
Butter paper (size 200mm x 220mm) is inserted in between two roties
Roties diameter - 195mm (frozen)
Roties weight - 43gms frozen(minimum)